iPads in Ballinode CC

In the context of the Department of Education and Skills   'Digital Strategy for Schools (2015-2020), Enhancing Teaching, Learning & Assessment' and the OECD Horizon Report, Ballinode Community College have been using mobile technology to assist student learning since 2012.
Our chosen device is the IPad. The Steering Committee have been working together with Wriggle since 2016 to investigate E- books and educational apps. We have looked at national and international case studies, identifying the critical success factors to promote a positive impact on student learning and teaching. We are mindful of challenges that change presents and have planned accordingly.

Ballinode College has a proven track record for excellent learning and teaching. Building on that tradition, we have embraced the technology which will empower your child as a digital citizen.

Each student uses their own iPad during class which makes every classroom a digital classroom. We aim to promote Learning without Limits, aiming to embed a culture of cross curricular accessibility to IT.  Today’s students need IT at their disposal without the confines of a physical classroom or building. This puts the learning into their hands and goes further in accommodating visual, audio and kinaesthetic learners. It facilitates student collaboration, personalised learning and grants access to securely monitored global community resources.

Policies are in place to outline responsible use of technology in class and students will use the technology as directed by teachers. Will they use it every lesson? No. This technology is another tool to enable your child to learn in a way that best supports his/her needs: another layer to their enjoyment and achievement in the Ballinode College experience. It is a shared responsibility and partnership between the college students, staff and parents. 

Download - iPad Tips for Parents



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