Leaving Cert Applied Programme

The Leaving Cert Applied is a two-year Leaving Certificate available to students who wish to follow a practical Leaving Cert with a vocational focus. It is a practical Leaving Certificate Programme which places particular emphasis on preparation for the world of work and lifelong learning. Work experience is a significant component of the programme, and students get to sample a range of jobs and get firsthand experience of the world of work.The learning experiences that students have are active and practical, where students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills and experience to real life situations in the school, the workplace and in the wider community.  

See the link below for a detailed view of  the LCA Programme.


Can a student go to further Education and Training? 

Yes, The Leaving Certificate Applied is accepted for a wide range of Post Leaving Certificate Courses (PLC) at FETAC Level 5, it also provides access to most apprenticeships and other vocational training awards. 

Can a student go on to Higher Education? 

Graduates of Leaving Certificate Applied do not have direct access to Higher Education through the Central Applications Office (CAO)

Entry to the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme is by means of an interview. Applications can be made to [email protected]

Students who should consider Leaving Certificate Applied 

  • Someone who wants to stay in school and get a Leaving Certificate 
  • Someone who prefers learning by doing 
  • Someone who would be motivated by continuous assessment 
  • Someone who wants to gain work experience to assist them with their career choice 
  • Someone who wants to develop skills which help them in their future career 
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