VSware is the system we use to record student results and attendance.  Parents/Guardians have the opportunity to access this facility using the Parent VSware App which is available from the IOS and Android App stores.  All parents / guardians will receive a username from the school where they can then login to see such things as school reports, timetables and even have the ability to message the school. See the guide below for more information. Parents / Guardians receive reports on their childs progress at regular intervals throughout the year.

The schedule of reports is outlined below:

  • End of Christmas Term report in Dec / January;
  • After the Mock Examinations in February where appropriate; (3rd and 6th Year)
  • End of Year report in June

Please note that hard copies of reports are not posted out.

To access VSware Please click here

Parents VSware Guide Download

VSware Parents App Guide Download



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