TY Mini Company

Our Transition Year students had their Christmas Trade Fair on the 12th December in The Canopy Sligo. The students had the opportunity to sell their Mini company products, which they created and made themselves. The students have made a huge effort since the beginning of the year to create a business idea, turn their idea into a product, create a logo and company name. There was a vast array of products on sale throughout the day including cookies, hot chocolate kits, candles and wax melts, tie dye socks and Christmas hampers. Thank you to John and all the staff in The Canopy for their support. Well done to all the students and their teacher Ms. Tighe.



On the 21st of November, a group of students embarked on an unforgettable surfing experience with the fabulous instructors at Rebelle Surf School. Despite the coldness of the water, the students embraced the challenge.The day was more than just a surfing lesson; it was an adventure that brought together students, teachers and fabulous instructors. Despite the coldness of the water, the students embraced the challenge, finding joy in every wave they conquered. To conclude the day, a treat from Mama Johnson's provided the perfect ending to a day filled with laughter, excitement, and the thrill of the sea. This surfing adventure will undoubtedly be a cherished memory for these students, serving as a testament to the incredible experiences waiting to be discovered along the coastlines with Rebelle Surf School.


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